Episode 190 – Wishwar.

Episode 190 – Wishwar.

Dec 02

Jake Oh, man, another entry in the war.

Sven What war?

Jake You’ve never played Wishwar?

Sven No, that sounds like an awesome game. Tabletop RPG? Video game? What platform is it?

Happy Jake None of them. No, Wishwar is a game you play with a friend and Amazon.

Sven Amazon, the website?

Jake Yes, Sven, the website. Not some six foot two warrior woman missing a boob.

Sven Well, that sounds both more and less fun.

Jake Still, Wishwar is awesome.

Sven You just buy things from a wishlist for someone?

Happy Jake That wouldn’t be a war. No, if you add something to your cart for a person, from their wishlist, you can add anything else as well and have it shipped there.

Happy Sven Uh-huh.

Happy Jake And then you remove the item they wanted and can send them anything in the world that strikes your fancy.

Sven And just mail bomb them with strangeness. But wouldn’t they have your address then?

Jake Sure! But they get back at you and send you something strange, too. That’s why it’s a war.

Sven This is like some horrible game of truth or dare.

Happy Jake No, those always end up with sex.

Happy Sven You play better truth or dare than I do. When I play it’s always only a few rounds until someone starts an embarrassment chain.

Happy Jake Oh, yeah those suck. And yes, this is sort of like that.

Sven Why would you do that to yourself?

Jake Because I dream of a world where a game of Wishwar ends in tractors.

Happy Sven Can you even afford a tractor?

Happy Jake One could end up on a lighting deal or something. You don’t know!

Happy Sven So what’d you get this time?

Jake I don’t know. I learned to only open them in private after… well… after a round a while back.

Sven Oh no. What was it?

Jake Don’t worry about it.

Happy Sven You have to tell me now!

Jake Fine, it was a rather detailed sex doll.

Happy Sven Yikes.

Jake Yeah. Trying to explain Wishwar to a woman, in your apartment, while holding that box? Not smooth.

Happy Sven I would have paid to see it, though. How’d you return fire on that?

Happy Jake Let’s just say magazine subscriptions count, and Amazon offers a lot of those.

Happy Sven Oh, good lord. No.

Happy Jake Yup.

Sven Well. Good luck?

Jake Thanks! And hope for tractors, man.

Sven Why do you even want a tractor?

Happy Jake Think of how awesome I would look driving down Broadway in a tractor!

Sven I don’t think that would work the way you want it to.

Jake Probably not but it makes me laugh to think about.

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